Breaking Corporate Shackles: Tale of Startup Medadmbjmc

It was another day of hard work from the office since Covid and while the current statusquo made it apparent of the employees obvious disinterest in working from the premise, Arjun, a Senior Associate, was another from the team especially in this day and age when working from home is so convenient.

However, he had no idea what he was in for when he met Zohan and Kirti, a young ambitious duo who also happens to be his junior associates and who have been pestering everyone to return to the office. As soon as they got a chance to catch their breath, debates about the popular television show “Shark Tank India” took over their conversation.

It was intended to be random gossip with no ulterior motive or logical reasoning. Zohan was bragging about how ‘blogging/vlogging’ had replaced traditional entrepreneurship and how tables can turn for them if they pursued the road map.

He was clearly frustrated and realized that even if he had three promotions by the end of his 40’s, he would not be able to purchase his ideal home, let alone imagine himself as a ‘big shot’ in the business. Who wouldn’t want to be at the top of the heap when every major enterprise has done well in the world of Online New Age Marketing and Blogging these days?

Arjun didn’t pay any attention to them and instead instructed them to concentrate on the ‘current job at hand’. Although, every time he saw Zohan & Kirti indulged in a heated dialogue over startups and break throughs, he was reminded of his younger self, who wished to experiment with ‘new things,’ but couldn’t because he lacked the ability to combat the commonplace.

Zohan followed by Kirti, eventually stopped coming to work because they recognized the opportunity which laid infront of them and so they decided to call the shots. The duo knew they had the will and the ability to start something of their own but they also acknowledged the need for somebody deeply rooted in the digital world of blogging and marketing. Convincing Arjun with just gossip, however, was next to impossible, so they planned on getting his attention by something concrete.

A few days later, Arjun was taken aback as he was called by Zohan and Kirti for a properly researched model of and they even went so far as to create a whole presentation about it. This made it clear to Arjun that Zohan And Kirti weren’t just doing the ‘Talk Show,’ but that they truly believed in what they were doing.

MEDADMBJMC short for Media Entrepreneurs Distinguished in Anime, Debuts, Movies, Biographies, Journalism, Music & Comics

The more the trio brainstormed over the idea, the more they discovered simple yet powerful blogging tools and realized that they might potentially make a fortune. After a few days of heated discussions post work and a few drinks together, they came up with a precise and comprehensive plan on how to advertise their blog. After all, establishing a blog is similar to finding a life mate, and we all need a few drinks to get our systems in gear. This is how one of my friends described how a gossip became the foundation of a ‘Startup.’

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