How SIP Academy, India’s biggest skill development company, made its Skill Development in Children programs almost Pandemic proof?

Hyderabad, Telangana: The pandemic hit everybody very badly. But, very few companies survived. Not only they survived, expanded and also made their business Pandemic Proof. One such company is SIP Academy. It is an interesting read to know how SIP Academy, India’s biggest skill development company made its Skill Development in Children programs almost Pandemic proof?

It has not only sustained livelihoods for 4000 women entrepreneurs but also grown within India and abroad. Expanded to new countries, reached out to global students and earned their enrolment. It managed to remain relevant. It registered little over 2 million hours of classroom sessions during the pandemic. It produced Prodigies in the Pandemic.

Today it engages 75000 students and registers a big success.

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Founded in 2003, this Chennai based Pan Indian Organization with a significant presence in Telugu states—Telangana and Andhra Pradesh is a name to reckon in skill development in children. It completes 18 years and has successfully navigated the greatest challenge humanity has faced – the Pandemic. In its 18 long years, it reached out to 9.5 lac students in 23 states. It has 850 franchise partners, 900 centres and over 4000-course instructors. It has the largest percentage of women franchisees. Most of them are MomPreneurs. While scouting for help for numerical literacy for their Children the mothers ended up as franchises, took birth as Mom Entrepreneurs and some even have become trainers.

It has a presence in 12 countries such as Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippines, UAE, Tanzania, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Nepal, Greece, Cyprus in addition to India.

Suddenly the pandemic hit. Everything has come to a grinding halt. 90% per cent of SIP Academy’s students dropped, lost many students. Online was the only way out. It had no capability of handling online as it was completely a classroom contact-based programme. But, it bounced back by developing robust platforms and technologies and successfully transformed into online education. Thus, it sustained livelihoods for its women entrepreneurs. It registered little over 2 million hours of classroom sessions during the pandemic. Today it engages 75000 students and registers a big success.

It has also developed customized, robust platforms to conduct online competitions which accommodate thousands of students to seamlessly and effortlessly participate even from remote locations.

Thanks to technology, it has been able to cater to overseas students and their number is on the rise.

While the whole world was struggling to survive, SIP Academy not only survived, successfully transformed into online education but also produced Prodigies in the Pandemic by way of organizing the SIP National Prodigies competition involving 27,000 students. It was the biggest ever online contest in India. Thus it has significantly impacted the mental capability of children even during a pandemic.

We all know that the pandemic had affected children the most – by limiting their chances for stimulating interactions with peers. Our online classrooms provided a surrogate for the classroom learning experience they were missing while helping them channel their energy towards developing their concentration, focus and creative abilities informed Dinesh Victor, MD of SIP Academy.

SIP to aid kids orphaned in pandemic to the extent of Rs 25 lakh by way of scholarships.

During the pandemic, the company signed up 5 new countries – Bangladesh, New Zealand, Greece, Cyprus and Nepal.

In June 2021, 11000 children across India uploaded their #sipsuperhero videos on Facebook in which they demonstrated their skill of concentration by doing arithmetic calculations while simultaneously doing another activity like dancing, singing or solving the Rubik’s cube.

While there are many players, SIP Academy is the major player and dominates the space with the lion’s share of the market. It is India’s biggest skill development in Children Company.

Through its internationally accredited programs – SIP abacus and Global Art, SIP Academy makes a significant impact on the mental capability and life skill development of children.

Its Abacus programs develop the power of concentration, focus, visual memory, retention, recall, in addition to strong arithmetic skills and thus in the overall confidence of a child is witnessed. Many of its students pursue higher studies in the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) field of study.

This enhanced capability that SIP Academy has developed during the pandemic will be key for its future growth. While the Pandemic has still not gone away, the company has made the business almost Pandemic proof thanks to its innovative technologies and committed team.

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