Entrepreneur Hamza Samara is stealing the show from the shark influencers at the young age of 22

When you look at Hamza Samara on Instagram, a tall, handsome, brown man, you will definitely feel like he is one of those sassy young stars who never talks straight face, but this is not the case with him. He is presently at the bottleneck of his career, has worked with many luxury brands, but still manages to be so humble and down to earth you can only fall in love looking at his Powerful yet so Humble personality. This is because life hasn’t always been a piece of cake for this young influencer.

This 22 years old Entrepreneur Hamza Samara is a student at the College of Media, Department of Radio and Television at the University of Petra. He is very active on social networking sites and has more than 315k followers on his Instagram @hhsamara where he is often up with discussions relating to fashion, food, travel, life and more. Entrepreneur Hamza’s blog covers everything to do with lifestyle for the modern man. He frequently takes up prevalent topics within today’s society and often helps people and community service through his accounts on social networking sites.

Entrepreneur Hamza has a strong presence not only on Instagram but on twitter too, where he has around 34k followers. Emitting an artsy energy, his Instagram page presents itself as an illustrative gallery of photographs; with charming landscapes, vibrant scenery and colour coordinated outfits making the page visually aesthetic. Having a strong online presence, entrepreneur Hamza utilises his ever-growing following to engage in effective marketing strategies for the brands and companies that he collaborates with. Sean’s diverse interests makes him stand out of the influencer crowd, as he is quick and confident to share his thoughts on a variety of topics across his social media platforms whilst being able to collaborate with brands of varying industries.

On being asked how did he manage to gain so much popularity as such a young age Entrepreneur Hamza Samara told us that- “My intention is to provide entertainment content on social networking sites, to entertain people, I don’t do anything to gain popularity, rather I try to improve my content and as a result I am loved by the people. I don’t have static content on the platforms and I offer everything that serves people and their benefits. I love dealing with people and I build good relations with everyone through mutual respect, and I share my photos and stories with people, me, my brothers and my family. “He also has a Youtube channel. In his recent interview with Amman TV he has shared that he is also looking at coming into the radio industry. We believe he is a good inspiration for the young influencers and entrepreneurs out there and we wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

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