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World Environment Day Smiling Tree promotes Water Conservation by displaying a demo model for water harvesting

New Delhi: Smiling Tree celebrated World Environment Day today. Dr Mukesh Kwatra, founder of Smiling Tree, engaged some young green warriors by displaying a demo model for water harvesting where rain and waste water is collected, stored and later used for productive purposes like gardening, washing clothes and cars etc.

“World Environment Day, observed on June 5th every year, serves as a global platform to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage action towards sustainable development. One of the pressing concerns of our time is the conservation of water resources. Water is essential for all forms of life, and yet fresh drinkable water is a finite resource facing increasing threats due to climate change, population growth, and unsustainable practices. On this World Environment Day, let us delve into the significance of water conservation and rainwater harvesting as effective measures to address the water crisis and pave the way for a more sustainable future”, said Dr Kwatra.

Smiling Tree is an eleven year old green initiative which has been continuously endeavoring for sustainability and environment enhancement. It has been responsibly conducting Plantation Drives, Anti Plastic Drives and environment awareness campaigns. Smiling Tree has thus far planted over seven lakh trees in and around Delhi-NCR.

Dr Mukesh Kwatra is an environmentalist. He is an alumnus of Sri Ram College of Commerce and a PhD in Environmental Entrepreneurship from Ecole Superieure Robert de Sorbon, France. He is founder of the green initiative ‘Smiling Tree’. He is also author of a book titled ‘Awakening- Sailing through the Pandemic, 2020’. His writings and work, like his thoughts, are spontaneous and honest.

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