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A Unique Ticket System by Amaan Quasim Helping Orphans Read & Write

New Delhi: Amaan Quasim is a young social activist whose ‘unique ticket system’ is turning out to be a way out for orphan children who want to pursue their education for a better future. Quasim is the Founder of DOR – Udaan Sapno Ki, an NGO that has employed this ticket system to allow contributors to connect directly with the child who needs help. Instead of donating anything to the NGO, the donation goes directly towards payment of the education bill of the child. In this way, donors are able to build a rapport with the child, and offer him or her a chance to connect with the society.

Amaan’s NGO is currently taking care of more than 150 such orphans, who want to get the best education and build a better future for themselves. The younger children are being helped to start their primary education while the older ones are encouraged to focus on their higher studies so that they eventually begin life as working professionals and turn into an asset to the nation. So far, more than 20 students from DOR have completed their medical or engineering degrees and are working in the mainstream. However, the best part of this is that these orphan students, who are now working professionals, are sponsoring at least one more orphan child’s education, which is according to the NGO’s protocol.

Besides their educational needs, the NGO also looks after their health requirements and medication, helping the kids stay fit to follow their dreams.

A Unique Ticket System by Amaan Quasim Helping Orphans Read & Write

Talking about his unique ticket system, Founder Amaan says, “Sometimes, donors hesitate to adopt a child because of social or legal reasons. At other times, they aren’t sure whether their hard-earned money would be put to correct use or not. All these reasons force potential donors to stay away from making contributions. We devised this ticket system to get rid of all such apprehensions. The donor can stay in direct touch with the child whose education they are sponsoring and also keep a regular check on their progress. Our mission is to ensure that a child completes its education from primary level to the higher secondary levels, so that they can get enrolled in professional courses and find a suitable vocation for themselves.”

Amaan, who is a qualified engineer and director of photography, also owns Amaan Quasim Motion Ptv Ltd, a company that is a collective of writers, directors, editors, motion graphics artists, and post-production specialists, all of whom are bound by a common love for story-telling. The company shoots films, promotional videos, short films, corporate videos, advertisements, and documentaries.

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