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Talk on Black Fungus by an expert

If I have done 30 surgeries in last 30 years, I have done same number of mucormycosis surgeries in the last 2/3 weeks. Situation is so bad: Dr. M. Mohan Reddy, ENT Specialist 

What we noticed so far is that post COVID patients from 10days to 50 days developed Mucormycosis: ENT Expert

Hyderabad, Telangana : TSFCCT organised  an awareness talk on Fungal Infection “Black Fungus” that is shaking our country now.

The Telangana State Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Trade (TSFCCT)  which is always in the forefront of organising awareness talks on emerging and new subjects has roped in a well known ENT Specialist Dr. M. Mohan Reddy, a Senior ENT Surgeon, Nova ENT Hospital and a Specialist in Endoscopic Sinus & Skull Base Surgery. The talk was held virtually on Sunday, at 4pm on Zoom Platform. Over 100 people from across India participated.

Speaking on the occasion  about the prevailing situation in the city Dr. M Mohan Reddy expressed his anguish. Doctors are in helpless situation. In my career spanning 30 years I must have done 30 surgeries, but in last 10 to 15 days I have done 30 surgeries. The situation is that bad he said.

Patients who approach me are asking to operate them, it so bad, he added.

Normally when we address a gathering we say are happy to address you, but I am not very happy. What we are experiencing is a terrible situation said the doctor. He has also become emotional while explaining the grave situation.

Black Fungus is a rare disease known to the medical fraternity for a very long time. But now post Covid in this second wave we are witnessing many cases. Maharashtra reported 500 cases. In Telangana ENT Koti hospital has 150 patients fully occupied and they are expanding capacity by converting vaccine Center, he said.

Unlike Covid it doesn’t spread from person to person. As far as cases reported so far have history of diabetes. It doesn’t mean that all diabetics will get. At the same time all those who were subjected to high doses of steroids need not get black fungus.

Surgery coupled with right medicine can cure 90% of cases. Post Covid patients with a diabetic history subjected to high dosages of steroids must watch for early signs or symptoms up to 50 days after Covid.

The common early signs are One-sided facial swelling, Headache, Nasal or sinus congestion, Black lesions on nasal bridge or upper inside of mouth that quickly become more severe and Fever, explained the Doctor.

Don’t be under the impression that two dosages of Vaccine can ensure protection. That is not true. Vaccines can protect you from only Covid and not from black fungus, the Doctor explained.

Dr Sai Kumar, another ENT Specialist who facilitated the conversation appealed that there is only one drug that can save patients. Drugs being used in treatment currently  Liposomal Amphotericin B for treating black fungus infections is in short supply. As many as 20 vials of this injection are required to treat each infected person. But unfortunately that medicine is in short supply. He appealed to the organisers to use their influence to prevail on the government to ensure smooth supply of this life saving injection. Though efforts were made to develop alternative medicine in the past but the efforts didn’t bear the fruit he said.

It is better to know now about Black Fungus, the new fungal infection which is shaking India, before it teaches us what it is said Ammanabolu Prakash, President of TSFCCT.  Prakash appealed to WHO to find out solution to end this pandemic.

Amid Covid Crisis, as if that is not sufficient we are pushed hard now with Black Fungus which is more scientifically known as “Mucormycosis”.  It is already notified under the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 by some states. As it is spreading fast and before the What’s App Doctor gets active on this we would like to create more awareness for better understanding by a right person with the right information. So that we can save many falling prey to fake news and misinformation, Prakash said.

We want all those who participated in this seminar to be Black Fungus News Warriors and spread awareness.

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