Sneha- A true epitome of strength and kindness

Sneha, 23 of Ghaziabad, is a psychologist by profession. She has pursued her degree in forensic science, masters in clinical psychology and MPhil in counselling psychology. With her keen towards the subject and human behaviour, she chose her path accordingly and now works as a freelance psychologist.

Over the years, Sneha had a basic Instagram account where she posted at random. Up until 2020 she did not even think of taking up the idea of actually making her social media presence more prominent and professional, till her friend suggested just that. With her love towards classical dancing, and her already organised and amazing content, she set out to become a social media face and an influencer. With only 9k followers in 2020, she has now heightened her success and has reached the peak of over 39k followers. Her hard work through the year truly paid her off and watching her work through and balancing her life so effortlessly is something to be inspired from. With her heart of that of gold and her mind of that of a psychologist, she sees through human emotions, knows what needs to be said and her social media presence does not fail to show what she truly is.

Sneha’s parents always loved to see her dance videos and her work on social media. Her parents supported her through her journey and never failed to show just that. With their love and support, she never felt disheartened or felt the need to give up. Until, in 2021 when Covid took away her dad and things started to crumble beneath her feet. It took her quite a while to get out of the trauma, but she resumed her social media presence, if only because she knew how much her father loved seeing her work and wouldn’t want her to ever give up or stop doing the same. And so she keeps going, without ever stopping and she only lets motivation from her mom, her late father, herself and her friends and followers to keep creating content that she loves all so dearly.

Sneha over the past year has worked with over 50 brands, some of them well known, including, Pepsi, Nature’s essence, VLCC, Label Fashion, MyGlamm and many more. Her hard work truly paid off when she received the best emerging lifestyle influencer of the year award by Influencerquipo. Through the past year of hardship and heartbreaking days, Sneha has only emerged stronger than before. While working as a freelance psychologist and maintaining her social media face, Sneha has come a long way ahead and she is only going to keep emerging, fighting the odds and being a true inspiration and influencer that she is. She is what strength truly seems to be like and you can catch her on Instagram @peitho_achelois for you don’t want to miss out on her amazing and lively content.

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