Meet Mr. Amit Singh, the top cybersecurity expert, well known for bringing remarkable changes to the Cyber security system

As digital platforms and transformations have dominated the mind and life of every individual, the matter of privacy and security is a major concern. The digital world has a lot to enjoy and a lot to grieve for. Social life seems so shining and blindly lighting the whole world but little do people come across the dark side of it. A world of darkness no one wishes to ever face.

As the number of cybercrime cases builds up every second, people are subject to be the victim of cybercrimes every half a minute whole world, and one person is exposed to the dark side of the internet every 10 minutes in India alone.

As India is seen as a very powerful and constantly developing country in terms of digital transformation and efficiently working internet and technology-driven working sector, it is still not safe from the clutches of cybercrime. Dealing with everything online is nothing like a piece of cake. When creating and duly working in an online space, organizing and keeping oneself safe and sound from the clutches of hackers and cybercriminals is important.

Meet Mr. Amit Singh, the man behind the very prosperous Amigo Cyber. He is a highly professional and experienced cybercrime expert who has a knack for the digital world and its various aspects. An incredibly talented cybercrime expert, he has trained over 20,000 students and over 15,000 professional defense and police personnel.  Amigo Cyber is known for its quality services regarding Anti Piracy, Crypto and Financial Solutions, Digital Investigation, Penetration Testing, Banks and Corporate Security, Employee Tracking, Digital Risk Protection, Social Media Security, Cyber Education and Cyber Compliance and Assessment.

Amigo Cyber is a company known for its professionalism and 10 years of experience concerned with cybersecurity. Providing university courses like B.Tech in Cyber Security, Diploma in Ethical Hacking, Bachelor in Cyber Security, Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Forensic Hacker, Certified Security Expert, Certified Cyber Trainer, Certified Security Auditor, Cyber Crime Investigation, Mobile Hacking, WI-FI Hacking, Kali Linux Training, Burp Suit Training, Bug Bounty and Web Hacking, Corporate Security Training, Cyber School Training and Cyber Police Training. Amigo is constantly serving the best through their services like workshops and training sessions for digital investigation, digital forensics, web security measures, hacking, and many more. Backed with the latest technology and updated measures, Amigo is the most preferred company with teams of experienced professionals handling digital investigations and infrastructure security with utmost sincerity.

The company has been taking up many projects and working on cybersecurity along with advanced data layer protection tools helping banking and financial system to reduce crimes like data theft and hacking. Successfully recovering and securing data worth 200 crores, which was attached by ransomware. The contribution of  Amigo Cyber to the digital world has been appreciated by many renowned institutions and recently, Amigo was awarded by Red FM for recovering 60 lakh rupees from hackers who attacked 35 families. Amigo wants to create a mass group of cyber experts.

Apart from the company, Amit Singh runs a show named “The Hacker Show” where he educates the world about the importance and impact of cybersecurity in our day-to-day life. He has influenced many people around the world and educated the mass to the level of professionalism. As a very trusted institution working against cybercrimes, Amigo Cyber is a perfect example of perfection.

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