Canadian, Certified Organic Skincare Brand Enters India to Offer Nano-Technology Based Skincare Solutions

(Canadian Skincare Brand-Refresh Botanicals, to extend its global presence by launching in India.)

New Delhi, India:  Refresh Botanicals, a premium Organic Skincare Brand from Canada, has recently entered the Indian market with clean, well-researched, and efficacious skincare products based on nano-emulsion technology.

Launched in 2017 by Dr. Jagvir Singh, a techno-entrepreneur with more than a decade long experience in research, Refresh Botanicals is a reflection of his passionate belief of putting his studies to use for the betterment of people, and thus an initiative to venture into this field and find cleaner and natural alternatives to chemical-laden skincare.

“The ethos of Refresh Botanicals™ is what I believe, a globally cherished perspective: everyone wants healthy skin and healthy skin starts with nutritious, organic skin care products” says – Dr. Jagvir Singh, President and Founder of Swift Innovations (Refresh Botanicals™).

Swift Innovations is a leading Canadian skin care formulator, manufacturer and distributor with ultra-modern manufacturing facilities and futuristic formulations that meet Canada’s stringent health and standard regulations in their ISO certified and Health Canada accredited laboratory. (Evalulab, Canada).

What distinguishes Refresh Botanicals™ is their focus on delivery-method-based formulations, because what goes into the formulation definitely matters, but how it is best absorbed by the skin for efficacious results, is much more significant.

Refresh Botanicals™ products are formulated with nano-technology, which helps in targeted delivery of bio-actives in the skin to counter the concern. These nano-emulsion based formulations ensure that effective concentration reaches those parts of the skin where it’s most needed.

The skincare line has a range of products that claim to diminish fine lines in just two hours and increase intracellular water by 85% in only two weeks, and these are not just any other claims, but proven results.

Canadian, Certified Organic Skincare Brand Enters India to Offer Nano-Technology Based Skincare Solutions

“What sets Refresh Botanicals apart is its transparency – if we claim our product to be organic and natural, we mean it…Our products allow consumers to refresh their routine with unequivocal vitamin and antioxidant support to relieve, restore and revitalize their skin” adds, Dr. Jagvir Singh.

Refresh Botanicals™ offers a premium range of certified organic skincare products with over 99% natural ingredients. Their products are made with cutting-edge, result-driven formulations that are inclusive of age, gender, skin color, tone and texture.

The products launched in India include a wide range of Facial Cleansers, Toners and Moisturizers, along with Eye and Face Makeup Remover, and specialized skincare like Intensive Care Serum, Night Restore Complex, and Premium Eye Serum.  

What adds attraction to the brand is that the whole process, from farm land to factory, is completely chemical and cruelty-free.

All the products are clean and minimal – no parabens, no gluten, no artificial fragrances, and no alcohol. The best part, you don’t need much, just use about a nickel size of the product and you’re good to go!

Dr. Jagvir has finally brought home his products, an assemblage of his years of research and experience, and it is anticipated that in the near future, Refresh Botanicals™ will boost the beauty as well as the employment sector, spreading across different parts of the country starting from North India.

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