“Speed and agility helped us turn things around,” CEO Rohit Chadda as Zee Digital maintains the 2nd rank on Comscore

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : In the age of digital platforms, it is a competitive space and to maintain the momentum and stability is a tough nut to crack. However, Zee Digital has overcome all this and steadily made its way into the top ten Digital Groups in India as per ComScore Report achieving a new milestone in its growth journey.

We know how much digital media in India has been flourishing this year and Zee Digital is riding this wave with various verticals in the digital medium with 20 brands across 12 languages. Right now, Zee Digital sits on the list of rankings dominated by other Digital Giants like Facebook, Google Sites, and Amazon Sites among others. The market is saturated with competitors, so how is Rohit Chadda, CEO of Digital Business of Zee Group, moving forward with such an impressive growth?  Rohit says, “To differentiate ourselves from other content providers, we have taken a data and technology-driven approach to cater to consumers with content that they are looking for or interested in. He further adds, “We strongly focus on constantly innovating our product to provide a seamless user experience to our users at all times.”

Zee Digital has been witnessing unprecedented and amazing numbers since the beginning of 2020. They not only became the 2nd largest Digital Media Group in India but also made it to top ten digital groups in India in June 2020 with a total unique monthly visitors of 186 million, as per Comscore Report. Keeping up with its momentum, it still sits in the top ten as per latest Comscore India Report for August 2020. Rohit Chadda attributes the success of having a start-up approach: “Tech startups are known for their speed, agility and data-driven approach to problem-solving. That’s essentially what we’ve done at ZEE – operated like a startup.”

So, has the pandemic affected this growth at all? The CEO says, “The pandemic has become the second life-changing event of our times. Staying at home and having become conscious of social distancing has further fueled the growth of digital.”

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