How long does it take to get a Credit Card?

Getting approved for a credit card can take as little as 60 seconds once you fill out an online application and hit “submit.” The internet is a treasure trove for finding the best credit cards and comparing them based on their rewards and cardholder perks. In this age of online applications and near-instant approvals, the question doesn’t come up as frequently as it once did.  The key to a fast approval is to make sure your credit history is in good shape before applying. By and large, you can usually find a credit card you really want, apply for the card online and receive approval for your new card all on the same day. The average Visa® or MasterCard® may be approved in minutes and shipped within days, provided you meet the credit criteria.

However, it may take a few days, or even a few weeks, to receive an email from a card issuer that says whether you’re approved or not. Per federal guidelines, credit issuers are required to send you a notice of your approval or denial within 30 days at the absolute latest. If you are applying over the phone or in person and you have submitted all the correct information, you may also find out if you’ve been approved within a few minutes. Mail-in applications may take a few weeks.

But here specialty credit cards and high-end cards that require a higher credit score may take longer. Specialty cards, like business or student cards, are designed for people with very specific credit needs, as well as high-end cards, so this approval process could take longer to ensure that the potential cards member qualifies. A manual review of your application may be required. In some cases, additional information, including proof of income, could be requested before final approval is granted.

How Credit Approval Works

When you apply for a credit card, the card issuer will consider the information you submitted in your application. Mean time they will take a look at your updated credit report, credit history and credit score, income information and other debt obligations you listed in your application such as your housing payment or rent. They will also consider how you have handled credit in the past using factors like your payment history.

Credit card issuers see their approval process as proprietary information, so there are no hard and fast rules that let you know whether you’ll be approved or not. Your best bet is to make sure your credit score is in good shape and listed accurately on your application.

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Preapproval:-‘’ Known as the credit-saving secret weaponsome credit cards let you provide some basic information and become prequalified online. This extra step allows you to gauge your ability to be approved for a credit card without filling out a full application or enduring a hard inquiry on your credit report. Getting prequalified can be useful if you are trying to decide if you should apply, but you’re not entirely sure you want to.

You may also receive preapproved credit card offers in the mail, which means that a card issuer has run a preliminary assessment of your credit (a soft inquiry) to see if you are a likely candidate. Preapproval does not mean you are guaranteed approval for the credit card in question, although it’s a good indicator. You still have to formally apply and meet the card issuer’s criteria.

How long does it take to receive a new Credit Card?

The time it (Credit Card) will take to receive your new card may depend on the type of card you applied for, Once again, this depends on the credit card you applied for and some factors beyond your control, like potential delays with the mail. Most credit card issuers will send a new card in 10 to 14 days. If you request a special design, which some companies offer, it could take longer. You may also have an option for “rush” delivery if you pay an additional fee.

So that’s how long it takes to get approved for a credit card, but when will you actually receive yours? The following chart goes over the average time it takes to receive a credit card from major issuers.

NOTE: – Also, keep in mind that some card issuers, like American Express, may offer you a virtual credit card number that can be entered into a mobile wallet. If you are eligible, you could use your virtual card number for purchases instantly after approval.

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