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Mumbai joint commissioner of police, Vishwas Nangare Patil attended the Children’s day charity event organized by Nidarshana Gowani of Kamala Trust

Children are the joy of today and the hope of the tomorrow. Every year on children’s day, various organizations come up with events for kids and organize fun, food and games. However, this year was a little different. Mumbai city saw a unique children’s day event that was a lot more than food and games. The event celebrated children and worked toward good health of those who keep them safe.

The amazing event was organized at the Worli police ground and Shri. Vishwas Nangare Patil, Mumbai Joint commissioner of police was the chief guest at the event. He was felicitated for his unending dedication towards the safety of Mumbai citizens. The ladies in the Mumbai police force were also thanked for their efforts to ensure that children stay safe. The trust offered them the gift of good health by organizing breast checkup camp in a part of the event area. 200 female police officials underwent the screening and also received counselling about handling breast cancer doubts.

Mumbai joint commissioner of police Vishwas Nangare Patil attended the Children's day charity event organized by Nidarshana Gowani of Kamala Trust

The event was attended by several celebrities and was a grand success. Apart from honoring police force and conducting health checkups, the event also had numerous swings for kids and a food court service delicious yet healthy food. The children included little ones from all walks of life. Children of police officers, children struggling with cancer, cancer survivors, and children irrespective of their economic status became a part of the event. The success of the event was evident from the smiles of all children and their attendees. “It is these smiles that we strive for”, said Ms. Nidarshana Gowani humbly.

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