Complex subject explained in a simple way says audience after watching Consilium

Consilium is released in Bangalore multiplexes on December 10th 2021. Though it did not get a roaring opening, whoever watched the film has only good things to say about it. This movie is not just Kannada’s first sci-fi thriller film but also Kannada’s first superhero film.

The storyline is about 2 techie brothers, boy next door characters played by Samarth and Preetham and the mysterious events happening around them. How these mysterious events help them to discover their own personalities, secrets, and their good and bad sides is shown with a beautiful and tight screenplay. The problems they face, the multitude of plans and solutions they try out to come out this phase keeps you at the edge of the seat throughout the film. They are also superheroes in this film. The journey from boy-next-door to super-hero, how their world turns upside down, how they as a group of friends support each other through thick and thin is shown in a very simple yet in an intense way.

Few positive elements are that this film doesn’t feel like it’s made by newcomers, be it in direction, in acting, in screenplay, in cinematography.

Few comments by audiences are that –

  1. This movie has continuous screenplay with no loose ends like forced comedy, love triangle, over-the-top sentiments;
  2. This movie is very knowledgeable;
  3. Background score is amazing and it matches the intensity of the movie well;
  4. Samarth and Preetham doesn’t feel like newcomers, their acting is very natural;
  5. VFX is amazing, feels like 2012 film, marvel, DC film;
  6. This film is like slow poison, it grows on you and you can’t have enough of it;
  7. Few even compared it to Upendras film as the screenplay is very unique;
  8. Few said the first half is dragged a bit but the second half is intriguing and there are many elements in the movie where we can relate to;
  9. If you miss 5 minutes of the movie it is a little tough to understand, complete attention is required, this movie is not for timepass, it has tight screenplay, content is good, for first-timers this is an awesome attempt.

It’s a bold move by the techie family to make this genre film in the first attempt.

Director Samarth says that he always wanted to make such movies which intrigues audiences and makes them think and imagine multiple dimensions/aspects of a concept and it has unique elements shown in a simple yet complex way. Seeing the audience whistle for fights, laughing at the situational comedies, liking the dialogues and the VFX makes me very happy and I wish more people come to watch our movie.

Executive Producer Reshma Rao says this movie is for curious minds, people who are interested in psychology, space, multi-dimensions, people who enjoy Marvel/DC/Transformers/Tenet/Inception/Interstellar genre movies. The subject is complex but it has relatable elements about depression, friendship, brothers bond, boy-next-door. There are 3 superheroes in the film, how the story reveals the superpowers, what their superpowers are is very interesting and the main USP of the film.

Actor Preetham is ecstatic about the audience response says whoever has watched our film isn’t saying anything negative about it, even though a few people did not understand the film fully they still appreciated the VFX, the raw elements, the chemistry between friends and brothers, the dialogues, the music, the fight sequence and the subtlety of the film.

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